Pikashow for IOS – An Ultimate Guide

Pikashow for IOS 

Experiencing an application to its fullest can be challenging on different platforms. Likewise, using an app on an Android phone can be advantageous, but not all the time. You need extended storage, compatibility, user-friendly UI, fast and smooth OS, consistency, versatility, simplicity, and of course, security. Android is good, but not in the case of processing and performance strength, safety, and versatility. Thus, Pikashow App can stand better with the IOS platform. Is there a Pikashow IOS version? Yes, there is, Pikashow for IOS that requires no rooting and supports several IOS platforms, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, and others.

What is Pikashow IOS?

Pikashow Apk is a streaming platform to offer live streaming of TV  shows, including news, sports shows, sports matches, professional talks, etc. There is a separate section of movies where you can watch films from different industries. During the situation of COVID, people got attached to the Pikashow and preferred to continue with top streaming at home. From that time, people cut off or minimized outdoor activities. Everyone needs such platforms to get rid of the tension of frightening situations.

In that case, Pikashow App helped a lot with the offering of new movies release, music, live TV shows, cricket and football matches, international news channels, experts’ discussions on trending topics, and more. Thus, there are several latest Pikashow versions for varied platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, IOS etc. Pikashow for IOS is IOS supported version that you can use on your iPhone, iTab, iPod, and other Apple devices. It provides complete access to Pikashow’s features without any third-party’s support.

Pikashow for ios

Dominant Features of IOS Pikashow

Pikashow has a huge list of features that make it the most demanding streaming application. Describing all the characteristics at once is impossible; therefore, we are presenting below the most valuable features with their functions. 

IOS-Based Streaming Platform

There is a separate version for IOS that remains consistent with all Apple devices. In addition, the periodic updates extend Pikashow’s functionalities to their fullest. So, if you have 14 and 15 (IOS versions), you can easily access the application for watching your favorite content for free. 

Diverse Genres of Content

Pikashow App does not have a specific audience. It tries to fulfill the concerns of all. That’s the reason it covers a variety of content from the film, music, and drama industry. You have permission to approach all the movies, kids’ shows, news channels, sports channels, documentaries, series, and more. 

Live Streaming or Channels

From Hollywood to Bollywood, many channels provide live coverage of different events or current situations. If any sports tournament is going to start or you want to watch news channels, open the Pikashow app, which offers at least 1500 live channels.

Songs and Movies

People recommend Pikashow to their friends to watch unlimited movies and other musical shows. In fact, Pikashow’s major section goes to the genres of films such as horror, action, funny, science fiction, non-fictional, and more from Hollywood, Lollywood, Arabian, Spanish, and Bollywood industries.

Multi-lingual Support

The origin of the Pikashow application is India, but the app supports several languages to assist people all over the globe. Therefore, people remain in their comfort zone and change the language according to their appearance or state with on-screen catchy options. 

Exceptional Customizations 

The Pikashow Apk allows the users to use it according to them. There is much more to modify according to the users, so avail this opportunity and watch shows as much as possible. You can change the video quality following the internet connection. Choose the language, and adjust the audio, background, and speed.


The clarity in the user interface assists the users in finding the required content within a few seconds. There is a search index to filter the results. Thus, you can choose your shows or movies category-wise. Also, the UI’s flexibility helps you adjust the quality, speed, and language of the video.

Instant Downloading Option 

Many applications offer an environment to watch their favorite shows and movies, but few permit downloading the shows for free. Pikashow is the only free streaming platform where you can download videos with just a tap. In addition, the interface shows information about every film, such as title, rating, and timeline, for your ease.

pikashow apk

Size 129Mb

Ios 8 or Plus

Ratings 4.7

Benefits of using Pikashow on IOS

Some benefits of using Pikashow apk on IOS devices are as followed


Pikashow is adaptable to all Apple devices. In this way, the application does not require you to root your device to make it compatible with Pikashow. 

Support for higher IOS Versions

The latest Pikashow App enables you to run it on the latest version of Apple’s iPhone.  Yes, there is appropriate compatibility with IOS 14 and 15.  

Painless Configuration 

As on an Android device, you can adjust or customize the interface and your experience. Similarly, you can simply download the application from virtuous sites.

Pikashow Latest Version Download for IOS

Installing the Pikashow apk for IOS can be tricky if you follow the wrong steps with no internet connection. So, be careful and follow the guidelines below.

Pros and Cons of Pikashow for IOS


  • Free of Cost
  • Quick Downloading
  • Captions
  • Live Shows Coverage
  • Hassle-free UI


  • Violation of Terms and Conditions
  • Unwanted Ads
  • Technical Issues

Pikashow Apk Download for IOS (Apps Store)

  • Get connected to a secure internet connection.
  • Access the iPhone Apps Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • If required, please provide your account credentials.
  • Approach the search index and seek the term “Pikashow”.
  • You will get a list of results. Choose one of the required options.
  • Tap on the application to install its function on your IOS.

Pikashow Apk Download for IOS (Direct Method)

  • Explore the browsers with the keyword “Pikashow Apk Download for IOS”.
  • Authenticate the websites that offer to download Pikashow IOS directly from the site.
  • Tap on the download link that will direct you to the downloading interface.
  • After downloading, you can launch the Pikashow application on IOS with double clicks.

Pikashow Apk Download for IOS (If any Issue)

  • If there is any issue with the available Pikashow version on your iPhone, uninstall it.
  • Free up the iPhone’s internal space after deleting cache or log files related to Pikashow.
  • Check for the latest Pikashow version, and install it.
  • I hope there will be no issue again.

Alternatives of Pikashow on IOS

If you want to experience streaming applications other than Pikashow for ios, here are some options: some are free and some charge money.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Momix
  • Peacock Time
  • Tivimate
  • Mobdro App
  • Hotstar

Frequently Asked Questions for Pikashow for IOS 

Let’s assess some queries to clear the misconceptions about Pikashow further.

You can download and launch Pikashow IOS on any IOS device with the simplest configuration or setup.

The IOS version renders the easiest user interface that allows users to watch movies and download them with some clicks.

The Pikashow apk renders complete access to all its features without any paid subscription.

In fact, Pikashow is highly compatible with IOS devices, so you will not face issues. But if you want some alternatives, use Momix, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Final Verdict 

Given these points, Pikashow for IOS boosts the performance with ongoing system updates.  In this way, you can watch live streaming much better than the Android. The IOS platform does not even want any rebooting for compatibility and enhanced performance. Furthermore, the UI provides smooth access to all the features and contents with different flexible options. So, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or other IOS device, the latest Pikashow for iOS supports all these platforms. Have fun!