Pikashow for TV – Live Streaming on Big Screen

Take a break from life challenges and stressed office tasks, and plan the outing. If you have no budget, plan a friend gathering at your home. Set a big screen on your lawn or lounge and entertain your friends with a new release of action movies. The thrill of stunts, actions, stories, and dialogues looks natural on the big screen.

Watching movies online on TV gives you a better experience of laughter, discussion, fun, and memories with your friends. For this reason, Pikashow for TV is the one that doesn’t bind you to continue live streaming just on your Android phone. Use some hacks and adopt Pikashow for TV to make a cinema house at your home and watch movies, matches, shows, and dramas at no cost.

What is Pikashow For TV? 

Watching movies or accessing Pikashow on Android is possible. Similarly, you can watch your shows on the big screen with the latest TV Pikashow version. In this case, you set up and configure the Pikashow on your TV, including Smart TV, Android TV, Firestick, MI TV Stick, and more.

As an illustration, using the Pikashow application on Tv renders you the same access to the features, and you can select the movies and shows within some seconds. Additionally, the TV version enhances its functions through higher video quality and more flexibility in customization. 

pikashow for TV

The admirable features of the Latest Pikashow TV version

You have to believe that Pikashow for TV exists with an enhanced and tremendous appearance. Indeed, casting the Pikashow on the big screen offers some prominent features. Here, we are with such a feature set.

Savage of Money 

There are many applications worldwide to provide users with every kind of content or live streaming, but note that they have monthly subscription plans. These monthly and yearly subscription plans charge half of your salary. In contrast, the Pikashow for TV app provides you access to old and new films, Indian and English shows, and sports events and matches coverage from all around the globe. 

Large Screen 

Sometimes, things look better in the bigger versions, like a bigger deal of pizza. Assume your reaction if you can get bigger deals for free. Same here; you can watch Hollywood and Bollywood films on your TV with Pikashow, which renders quality video streaming. In this case, you can spend precious time with your family and friends because the entertainment brings laughter.

Video Quality

Like on Android and IOS platforms, you can customize functions or controls according to your requirements. You can select the video quality option from 320p to 4K and convert the streaming into HD. You can double the advantage of the big screen with HD content, where you have large pixel blocks. You can also control the speed of the videos and adjust the screening. The most important is cost-free access.

Caption Support and Fewer Ads 

In the case of Pikashow for TV Apk on Android and IOS devices, you have to face ads every minute that disturb the live streaming and change the mood. In contrast, Pikashow’s latest TV version allows you to block the ads throughout your watching time. Furthermore, you can select a language from a list of multiple languages for generating video captions for your support and understanding.

Audio Connectivity with external sources

Watching movies with the perfect audio system takes you to a mindblowing cinematic experience. Setting a big screen in an open area can give you less sound in an open space. That’s why you can attach external audio sources or devices to your TV. This way, you will have a thrilling and adequate sound system aligned with the video. So, you can solve the sound problem with this service.

No Buffering 

One of the optimal benefits of Pikashow for TV Online over other platforms is less buffering. You must wait to load the content when you watch films or shows on your Android device with Pikashow Apk. Nevertheless, the TV version of Pikashow allows you to watch content(movies) quickly or within no time. But there is a suggestion from professional users to try to adopt a strong internet connection.

Dark Mode 

People always plan for family and friends to congregate late at night. Also, people love to watch movies, music, dramas, TV shows, and related streaming at night. Therefore, Pikahsow allows you to turn your screen to dark mode, which does not affect the video quality. The dark mode dims the screen’s light and saves your eyes from irritation. So, be ready to watch your shows all night without getting your eyes ached.

No Registration 

It is always the main thing to have clarity about which factors are important and which are not essential. If you want resistance-free access to the Pikashow app, you should have secure and robust connectivity to the internet. In addition, you also don’t need to memorize the login credentials because the application does not require you to register yourself for the ongoing usage of the application features.

pikashow apk

Size 129Mb


Ratings 4.7

Key Features

  • No Subscription
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Variety of Content
  • Download Features
  • Title Renaming
  • Integral Media Player
  • Live Shows

Pikashow Apk Download Latest Version on TV

We’re going to mention a guide to download the latest version of Pikashow for TV below:

Pikashow Apk Download for TV (Smart TV)

  • Turn on your TV (Smart TV).
  • Create a link between the Internet and your Smart TV.
  • Approach the settings of your Smart TV and look for ES (File Explorer) on the Play Store. 
  • Install ES Explorer. Select the compliance browser and search for the Pikashow for TV. 
  • After getting the compatible TV version of Pikashow, download it.
  • Locate the local disk space of your TV and click on apk to install its features on your TV.
  • The installation process consumes a few minutes and returns Pikashow’s access.

Pikashow Apk Download for TV (MI TV Stick)

  • For MI TV Stick, you must utilize the VPN.
  • Explore the functions after opening MI TV Stick. 
  • Access the folder, Device Preference > Security & Restriction.
  • Permit the verification of applications.
  • Now, return to the main page or interface of the MI TV Stick.
  • Access the Applications Menu and tap on “Get More Apps.”
  • You will see the search index, so write the keyword “Downloader” there.
  • Select one from the list and install it following some simple steps.
  • Again, approach the settings and permit the auto installation of Apk.
  • Get Back to the home page, and put the URL of the website in the given search bar from where you want to download the Pikashow Apk.
  • Next, install the apk, and you will have Pikashow on MI TV Stick.

Pikashow Apk Download for TV (MI TV Stick)

  • Open up your Android TV.
  • Access the Play Store on TV.
  • Look for the “Send files to TV” on Google Play Store.
  • Play Store will return the compatible options in the form of a list.
  • Choose one and install it.
  • Repeat the same process for your Android phone.
  • Afterward, launch the Pikashow Application on your Android device and the File Manager Application on your TV.
  • Now, open the application and send the files app on your phone and TV at the same time.
  • Using the sending files app, send the downloaded Pikashow for TV apk from your Android phone to your TV.
  • You will see the apk on your TV in File Manager.
  • Allow the “Unknown Sources” from the TV settings.
  • Click on the apk file to begin the installation process.

Pros and Cons of Pikashow TV


  • Free
  • External Audio Support
  • Night Mode
  • Easy to Access
  • Customization


  • Violation of Terms and Conditions
  • Fewer Ads
  • Technical Issues

Frequently Asked Questions for Pikashow on TV

Let’s assess some queries to clear the misconceptions about Pikashow further.

Unlike other streaming applications, you can access the complete Pikashow interface on TV without restrictions or a subscription.

Using a Pikashow for TV App on TV does not pose serious threats or issues affecting movie or show streaming. 

There is no distinction between the actions of using Pikashow on Android, IOS, and TV. The same interface, features, and functions are on each platform.

Final Verdict 

In the final analysis, Pikashow for Android TV is the best for those who prefer to watch movies on big screens or TV. Of course, the big screen requires less focus and improves your eyes’ health. It gives you a variety of content, like on Android, to choose between several trending options.

It allows you to watch cricket or the football world cup with your family and friends because togetherness is more happiness. People consider TV Pikashow a tricky one in the case of configuration. But honestly, it takes a few minutes to set up and configure the TV version of Pikashow.